SMS and IM, in one App

No more difference between your SMS contacts and those with IM (instant messaging) capacity.

Use the same application to send a SMS or IM to your contacts, everything integrated into the same conversation thread. The same conversation thread will be updated no matter if you send and SMS or IM.

Is your friend connected through the internet? Use IM. it's not? Send an SMS. It's so easy.

Private and Confidencial

We take care about your privacy and we make sure that all your personal data it's at safe. You won't need to register or have a phone number, simply download and play !

Forget bored registration forms or receiving sms validation codes.

PIN number

Create groups, chat, search friends, modify your profile...Thanks to the Zumbaleh PIN number, you will be able to add new contacts without needing to know personal information like the phone number. Your PIN is your personal identifier and it will be created the first time you install the application. Share your PIN with your contacts to start the fun!

Install anywhere

Zumbaleh is available for all ANDROID devices: smartphones and tablets, even those without a SIM card or phone number. Do you have a WIFI tablet? perfect, with Zumbaleh you will be able to send SMS or instant messages without any problem. It's your choice!

And much more

And this is only the beginning. Zumbaleh will be much more: synchronize, play, voice ip... Our team is working hard to open you a new world of features. What are you waiting? Download Zumbaleh and...zumb it!